Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss surgeries can improve the performance of the kidney

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Obesity is the major growing health concern issue with most of the people. With changing eating and lifestyle habits, there are a lot of...
Irene Packham court case

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We all dislike stretch marks, right but then it is a helpless situation where we cannot do much about the marks as they occur...
vegetarian vs non vegetarian

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There are two thing that people concentrate on while they on weight loss, their diet and their workout routine. A research study stated that...
Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Include Weight Loss

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Many diet plans and weight loss programs claim that apple cider vinegar results in weight loss and whether this is true or not has...

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Every person planning to lose weight thinks drinking smoothies can help them magically drop those extra pounds off their body. The craze for it...
Water Retention imaage

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Many of us are not even aware that rising weight in our body might be resulting due to the body retaining excess water than...
doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

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Dr. Anne Cecile Schiebe from the University of Toulouse III of Toulouse in France, eager to the know the influence of gender in the...
Raw Veggies

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Every foodie sometime or other in this life goes through the phase in which he keeps on adding more kilos to their body which...

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Since we already talked about Food To Eat Before Your Gym Session, in the last topics, we thought why not even discuss the food...
How to get rid of facial fat

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The toughest part of losing weight is losing the fat from the face. Face is most vulnerable to fat and yet is the most...


women applying makeup

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Who does not want a beautiful and clear skin? But the sad part is the skin grows old with time and you cannot really...