Correct way of applying the eye cream

Correct way of applying the eye cream

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Be very gentle while applying the cream, use a soft hand, as shown.
Be very gentle while applying the cream, use a soft hand, as shown.

Most of the times, the under eye area or the skin around the eyes is described with adjectives like delicate and thin. That is true; the skin around the eyes is really delicate and fragile and must be handles with care. This is the reason why most of the cosmetic products like face creams and face wash come with instructions that prohibit them to be used under the eye region.


This is one thing that most of the people have in their minds and worry how they should apply the eye creams. If they should be gentle while applying them, Should they be massaging it or not? and many more questions they have in heir minds. These are few of the tips that will answer your questions and help you know how you should be applying the eye cream in specific.

  1. Be gentle

While you are applying the eye cream, you have to be gentle. Use the finger tips to apply the eye cream. Be gentler and not heavy handed as you are while you apply moisturizers on the face. Take some eye cream on the finger tip and swipe in the sideways direction, around the yes. Do not massage for longer. A minute is sufficient.

  1. Stick to lightest to heaviest 

This is the rule of thumb for moisturizers. This means that you should apply the heaviest product later and the thinnest fist. This is because the heaviest one can be absorbed by the thinnest and the effect of both remains. So if you have a denser eye cream and a lighter eye moisturizer, apply the moisturizer first and then the eye cream.

  1. Do not overdo

Do not apply the eye creams in access. Three drops of the cream is just more than enough for each of the eye.

  1. Extend it further

While you are applying the eye cream, do not neglect the outer regions. It is always better to cover up little more than the area required. Increase the diameter and extent it a little towards the hair line or a little towards the cheeks, as that area is also fragile.

  1. Keep it away from the eyes

One more thing where you must be a little more careful is the actual eye region. Be careful that cream does not enter the eye. Keep it a little away because it is a cream and can travel toward the eye while you sleep or sweat.

  1. Refrigerate the eye cream

For more soothing effect, store your eye cream in the refrigerator. The cool eye cream will also help in de puffing and you’ll feel fresh after applying it in the mornings.